Paddl pre-matches jobs, opportunities and experiences relevant to your course to allow you gather relevant experiences to make the most of your education. 

In the 'Near Basecamp' tab we will show you all the open jobs in Paddl sorted by distance to your campus. Note we even tell you how many kms from your campus you'll need to travel!

Can I change my Basecamp location? 

Your Basecamp is defined by your the location of your campus. If you interested in searching for job opportunities in a different location (for example, you moved interstate), you are still be able to find opportunities further from where your Basecamp is set. Just keep scrolling down your job feed and you’ll find opportunities in other locations as well.

You can't change your Basecamp unless you have started a new course in a different campus. In this case, get in touch with our team and they'll be able to help you out.

What's coming next?

We are currently working on an update to allow you set your 'Near Outpost', a custom location that can be different from your Basecamp to give you the option to filter jobs by your preferred area.

And there's more...

We want to give you the option to search jobs by specific criteria like an industry with the 'Search' feature.

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