Once you've submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the employer.

If you've been shortlisted, you'll receive an email notification to let you know. The employer may contact you via phone or email to organise next steps which could be an interview. (Tip: Make sure your voicemail message is clear and professional. Email or call back as soon as you can.)

If you have not been shortlisted, you'll also be notified via email of the outcome.

Remember, every employer has a different internal hiring process. This means the time it takes to review your application, and for you to find out the outcome, will vary from employer to employer. 

Job campaigns on Paddl have a lifespan of 60 days - 30 days in which you can apply, and another 30 days in which employers can continue to review applications. Typically, employers will start shortlisting within the first two weeks, however, some can take more than 30 days to do so. Be patient and continue to look out for other opportunities on Paddl.

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