Your business has an extensive network in social media platforms. This followers have shown a previous interest in your brand and business activity. Similarly, as a professional, you have been able to build relationships along your career.

You may have followers or connections in your network that could be high-quality applicants, but have not joined the Paddl Community yet.

Paddl's "Job Sharing" feature helps us utilise your online networks to increase the reach of your Campaign.

How does it work?

When viewing your live campaign in Paddl, we can click on the blue icon with three dots in the Navigation Bar in the top right of the browser .

The 'Share this Job' panel will open in the screen. Now, we can select from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to share the job on social media or via email.

Alternatively, we can copy and paste the URL to share a public link in any other platform using the 'Click to copy' option in the bottom of the panel.

Job Sharing Feature

This will help to increase the reach of the campaign by promoting the job opportunity with your business or personal network.

I am a Paddlr and I have found the perfect job opportunity for my friend. Can I share too?

Of course! If you are a talented Paddl user and want to spread the word of a very cool experience you have found in Paddl with your mates, we have the Job Sharing Feature for all our users.

(And it works exactly in the same way!)


If you want to know more about this particular feature or have questions on how to set up and optimise your campaign reach, feel free to get in touch on the live chat.

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