What is Paddl?

Paddl is a web application that builds a student's professional experience in their chosen field, and helps employers find emerging talent.

Paddl for Students

Paddl matches jobs and opportunities with your course.

Find work opportunities close by
Paddl gives you a feed of work & experiences near your campus, you can also search by other locations. And of course, they’re all pre-matched to your course.

Complete challenges, not resumes

Forget writing resumes, Jobs on Paddl have fun challenges you complete during your application. Never submit an empty resume again!

Gather Valuable Experience
Gather the experience you need to make the most of your education with Paddl.

Paddl for Employers

Paddl gives your business powerful tools to attract relevant Students & Graduates to job opportunities.

Target the talent you want
Using advanced tagging, your Paddl Campaign will target relevant students defined by you. This means only high quality applications and more time to focus on what’s important.

Use Scorecards not resumes
Use engaging Paddl Challenges to test applicants before they apply. No more empty student resumes, just scorecards on what matters to your business.

Grow your talent pool
Use Paddl Jobs to engage Students & Graduates relevant to your business and grow a list of amazing future hires. Their experience and details are all captured on their beautiful Paddl Profile.

Paddl for Educators

Paddl connects Students to real employment experiences relevant to their course. Measure and support your Student employment outcomes to make the most of their education.

Measure Student Experience
Paddl provides meaningful analysis of your Students’ professional experience while respecting their privacy and security. This gives Careers Centers critical information to help Students in need and celebrate areas of success.

Prove Job Readiness
Paddl helps Students gather crucial professional experience during and after their studies to give them the best chance of an Employment Outcome once they graduate. Students graduate with a qualification and proven experience.

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