When creating a job campaign in Paddl, you're required to add tags so that your job campaign is targeted and promoted to the right audience, ensuring those who apply are the right type of applicants.  This is done in the Reach section of the campaign creation page.

For example, if you were creating a campaign for a Marketing Internship, the below tags in the Communications category as well as some from the Commerce category (i.e. Innovation and Business) may be appropriate. 

The best part is, you decide how targeted you want your job campaign to be: visible to a broad or specific group of applicants. 

Use up to 10 tags
You can select a maximum of 10 tags and your campaign's "reach" (the total number of Paddl students who are likely to see your job campaign) is calculated accordingly, giving you full transparency.

When you're happy with your tags, make sure to click the orange Save button to lock in the changes.


The tags "Innovation" and "Entrepreneurs" in the Commerce category will give you a greater reach of applicants with a combined interest, background or expertise in business, sales, marketing, digital, technology, and/or science.

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